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Brisbane, Gold Coast, Interstate & APAC REGION

 Oval Motel, Bendigo Australia. Photo by Chris Jack (Locus Focus).

Oval Motel, Bendigo Australia. Photo by Chris Jack (Locus Focus).

I work with independent hotels, motels, apartment hotels and resorts of all sizes in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and throughout the APAC region to produce hotel branding photography that attracts and delights more guests.

Photography is the foundation of your entire online and real-world marketing. It has more impact on bookings than any other content you can create.


My preference is to shoot with off-camera flash lighting, and then combine these shots with ambient photos to add natural shadow to each room shot in Photoshop.

This will produce the best possible results in terms of colour reproduction, contrast and visual appeal, but may not be the best choice for every hotel.

For smaller, independent hotels with smaller budgets, I use HDR photography which is the process of combining 3-5 exposures to maximise the dynamic range. This takes less time to shoot and process, and with careful staging and preparation, can also produce great results.

I stage rooms according to your specifications, or we can discuss these in detail before a shoot.

The photo’s Chris took are spectacular. The care he took to stage the photos was quite incredible. The ‘Hero’ image captures the façade of the motel with the sun rising and is a stunning photo. We are using this on all our OTAs, our website and our brochures. The room photos are equally impressive.
— Bradley Gibson , Oval Motel, Bendigo, VIC.


I love the challenge of capturing eye catching and appealing external hotel photography, especially when that shot will be used as your primary hero image.

That first image prospective guests see on your website, OTA's and TripAdvisor should say everything about your property in one image. It should catch their eye, appeal to their senses, and make them want to see more.

It is the most important photo, and is normally an external building shot, room shot or pool shot.


You have to make a great first impression, and every single small detail counts in room shots.

Room shots should fulfil a number of goals including communicating information about the features of a room, while at the same time being visually appealing and inviting.

The rooms shots above were all taken either using HDR or flash photography. The exact colour grading and room staging will differ between each hotel, depending on your market and brand.


If required for your social media, blog, hotel compendium, virtual concierge, website or online presence, and time and budget allows it, we can also plan to capture hyper local attractions photos.

You can use them as the basis for blog articles about hyper local attractions to increase visitors to your website, or use them as part of your guest information package to improve guest experience.

It is not actually about capturing images of major attractions in your city. These are already well understood by guests normally through other travel sites like TripAdvisor.

Hyper local attractions are the smaller, less well know attractions and amenities in your local area normally walking distance, or a short drive for the hotel.

Unlike Room Photos, these are normally taken hand-held and relatively quickly, depending on the number of hours allocated, and the number of photos expected.


Your photography is used everywhere from your marketing website to TripAdvisor and OTA's. Nothing else is so widely used across your online presence and marketing footprint.

How much you invest in your photography should reflect your budget, which should be appropriate for the size and type of hotel, and other factors such as its useful life. 

Quotes for hotel/motel/apartment hotel photography ultimately depend on how many finished photos are required, and how these are shot.

Hyper local attractions photography is an additional cost if required, and really just depends on your budget and what "level" is required. 

Larger or higher ADR hotels should invest proportionally more, and it will depend on the size, scope and location of your property. That may mean more photos, or it might just mean more sophisticated shoots with more planning, preparation and staging.

All quotations and proposals for photography include full commercial advertising usage rights with highest resolution digital files.

Contact me for a free quote, for your specific requirements and budget. Quotes for budget hotels or motels start from $750 for 20 photos. Larger hotels or 4-5 star properties should budget more because of the extra time and preparation required.


If you are planning to replace your current hotel photography, let me provide a free audit of your existing gallery, and a written quotation that is within your budget.

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