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This popular motel located in Bendigo, Australia was hand crafted by Locus Focus, and is a great example of a simple yet information rich website that features photography first, and clearly defines the benefits of staying at this motel.

There are very clear calls to action for direct bookings, and reasons to book directly with the motel.

Locus Focus also took all photography including hyper local attractions, room shots, exterior photos and portraits of the hosts.


Tracking the analytics of the website, they saw a 43% increase in traffic (visitors) after switching to this new website, and a substantial increase in bookings (over 40%), that has been sustained ever since.

This was attributed to many factors including better organic search engine optimisation, richer content, the implementations of HTTPS (secure certificate), reputation improvements and overall site speed improvements (to name a few things).

Since the launch of the new website in 2017, the website has improved in rankings even further becoming the number one official website in Google search listings for the term “bendigo motels”.

It is also now listed in the number one position in the Google hotel listings organic results as well out of the 40+ motels in Bendigo.

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Launched in May 2018, Locus Focus has comprehensively rebranded Bowen Terrace Accommodation a Brisbane guest-house with over 90 photos covering not just the property, but the local area, attractions, public transport and restaurants.

Locus Focus was also involved in rewriting room and property descriptions, and going over the current online presence with a fine tooth comb, ensuring consistent and clear messaging.

The new website receive rave reviews from guests the moment it was launched, and also resulted in an average time spent on page increase of over 35% over the old website.

The site is now listed in organic google listings as the number two official guest house in New Farm.


Locus Focus utilises the fully managed cloud based web service Squarespace to create beautiful, responsive, direct booking optimised websites for independent hotels.

What you get is everything you need in one fully supported and managed service, without the need to purchase additional services, plugins, templates, themes and their associated burden and technical problems.

Locus Focus builds your site using Squarespace, then hands it over to you for web hosting billing (they charge AUD$25 per month) and management of the ongoing content. There is no reliance or dependence on Locus Focus or any other party going forward, unless required. We charge a flat fee to build the site for you including the search engine optimisation, copywriting and the actual technical transfer of the domain.

We offer complete turnkey solutions including the technical transfer of the domain name, and redirecting old pages to new pages so all existing links to your site are maintained. This results in a seamless switch to the new website.

A completely new website including all consultations, copywriting, design and implementation costs between $1500 and $2000 for a small independent hotel or motel, and $2500+ for larger or luxury properties.

Why we use Squarespace

Firstly, all of our clients are smaller (less than 100 rooms), boutique independent hotels in the APAC region with unique stand-alone brands, and not part of a chain or franchise. That means each website can be tailored to the unique guest avatars that stay at the hotel, consistent with the brand messaging.

We focus on optimising the content of your website more than the design or coding. Paying for a custom designed website may not be n the best interests of a smaller, independent hotel for reasons including:

  • The added cost of ongoing maintenance and updates.

  • The longer lead time and initial cost up front.

  • Increased bugs, design flaws and user experience issues.

  • Your money can be better spent elsewhere, in terms of return on investment!

The benefits of a Locus Focus Hotel Website design are:

  • Increased direct bookings due to optimised copywriting, messaging and design.

  • Clear and prominent "Book Now" buttons linking directly to your booking engine.

  • Improved guest experience with clear, easy to find and comprehend guest information and hyper local area attractions.

  • A 100% responsive website design that works flawlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop out of the box.

  • We use HTTPS for all websites which means the entire site is secure, encrypting all guest information and providing an improved ranking signal for Google. There is no extra cost for HTTPS.

  • Built-in marketing tools and integrated features such as mobile information bar, announcement bar, promotional pop ups, analytics, google maps, email marketing, contact forms etc.

  • On going updates, maintenance and support are provided by Squarespace directly and included in your web hosting plan.

  • We seamlessly manage the transfer of your existing domain (the technical side of the DNS) and redirect old pages so no traffic is lost in the process.

If you don't already have great photography that makes sense for the scale of your property we can:

  • Take great photography for you based on our hotel photography services.

  • Project manage a local hotel photographer for you on a consulting basis. This can be extremely effective by ensuring the photographer is properly briefed on what is required and you get the shots that will result in increased bookings, and all for a few hundred dollars extra cost.


There are at least 11 Types of Hotel photography. All of these types of photography from interior shots, to hyper local attractions are critically important to the philosophy of successful "Locus Focus" hotel marketing.

Therefore, we only offer hotel website design to independent hotels that already have great photography, or engage us to shoot their hotel photography. If your current photography is poor, this should probably be your initial focus.

Getting great photography is the first step before updating your website. It has the potential to impact on increased revenue and direct bookings even more than updating your website.

Your hotel website is really just the scaffolding for your content, including logo identity, copywriting and photography.

Engaging Locus Focus to capture your photography also allows us to understand the property at a deep and meaningful level, meaning we can convey this better in your copywriting and online presence in general.


With a modern, versatile and constantly improving platform like Squarespace, we also lay the groundwork for best practices in hotel digital marketing including:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation of your website that helps search engines find content and deliver it in search results. Search engine optimisation of the entire site is included.

  • Google Analytics statistics and tracking so further improvements and insights can be made over time.

  • A solid blogging platform where you can now leverage hyper local attractions photography to blog about why guests should stay at your hotel, attracting more traffic and bookings.

  • Facebook pixel integration for future audience remarketing etc.

  • An events page where you can blog about upcoming local events and get the head start on competition in terms of getting the attention of guests planning a stay in your area. This may form the basis of your content marketing strategy, in addition to other content creation.

In short, Locus Focus Hotel Marketing websites provide a robust foundation for both your current and future digital marketing strategies.


Locus Focus Hotel Marketing Websites start from AUD$1500+GST for hotels in the APAC region up to 7 room types and standard facilities such as pool areas, laundries etc (a typical independent hotel, motel, apartment hotel, lodge or guest house).

They are fully inclusive of everything such as:

  • Site meetings, planning and discussions over the phone and Skype or Facebook Video. For properties in Brisbane or Gold Coast, we normally do this on-site.

  • Guest avatar, positioning and branding consultations (determining or confirming your typical guest avatars, so we can design the website messaging around these).

  • Understanding your unique selling propositions, whether that be your location, amazing product or superior guest experience, we need to know what makes you unique.

  • Getting to know your hotel at a detailed level to ensure we understand the amenities and features of each room type and the hotel in general.

  • Copywriting - rewriting room descriptions and hotel summary information and landing page introductions for key pages and facilities as required.

  • All the static pages required for a modern hotel marketing website such as contact pages with forms and Google Maps, Group Booking Enquiry forms, Local Area Attractions, Room Pages etc.

  • Typography selection - choosing appropriate fonts and combinations consistent with your branding if this does not already exist in a branding style guide.

  • Template selection - selecting the best Squarespace template for your hotel, depending on the above and your business objectives. Extensive styling of this template to meet your brand requirements.

  • Search Engine Optimisation - optimising the main home page and every single static page on the site, after considering your local market and competition and devising a keyword/phrase strategy.

  • Integration of all analytics, third party platforms and tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Mailchimp, Social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram etc. (excluding conversion tracking, but available on request).

  • Uploading and presenting all your amazing photography to the website, and captioning it to appeal to the target guest avatars.

  • Integrating your existing booking engine which is normally part of your property management system (PMS) but may also be provided by your channel manager e.g. The Booking Button.

  • Managing the correct migration of an HTTP site (non secure) to your new secure HTTPS site (which will change all URL's in Google). This is managed correctly so it has minimal impact on Google search results, through the use of appropriate domain forwarding, 301 redirections and Google Search Console management.

  • The actual DNS transfer process, the technical side of pointing your domain to Squarespace servers. This is not trivial, and can take several hours to plan and manage the migration.

Price Adjustments

  • For hotels that also have a dedicated on-site restaurant or bar serving food (excluding cafes or simple motel breakfasts) then there is normally an additional AUD$200+GST cost for styling these pages, including integrating and styling your menus and creating a separate landing page.

  • Larger independent hotels or resorts may require a quotation if they have significant other facilities such as creches, business centres, multiple restaurants, bars or cafes etc. Please contact us for a quotation if your property is more complex as we may suggest using Wordpress in these cases, or in cases where you require advanced multi-language support.


  • Photography (we offer hotel photography and online presence optimisation services separately as this step should come before a new hotel website design).

  • Writing blog posts and descriptions of local attractions (this is best done by the hotel owner anyway).

  • Squarespace training (editing content, adding blog posts etc). This is available on-site in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast or other cities during our tours, or via remote control of your computer using TeamViewer anywhere else for our standard hourly rate (AUD$100+GST).

  • Extensive integration of existing content such as blog posts, this normally takes 1-2 hours and costs approximately $200 more.


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